Nov 2, 2010

Why Choose Our Team?

Why Choose South Shore Home Solutions To Work Your Short Sale?
  • Our team has a decade of experience and have closed HUNDREDS of short sales.
  • Our team has been successfully negotiating and closing short sales since this downturn in the market began. We are not new to the process.
  • Each member of our team holds a Massachusett's Real Estate License, which means we have the experience, have taken the additional education and are held to a higher standard.
  • We have a Real Estate Attorney and Tax Professional that specialize in short sales and foreclosures available to answer your questions.
  • All of the negotiations are handled by our team, not a processor or outside third party.
  • We know the verbiage to put in the contracts to make sure you are fully protected and it has been reviewed by an attorney.
  • We DO NOT charge upfront fees. You do not pay us anything out of pocket. We are only compensated by the bank, WHEN it closes.
  • We have a record of successfully closing our short sales and can prove it.
  • When you call or email, you will always be able to reach a member of our team. If you leave a message it’s because we’re in an appointment and you will hear back the same day.
  • When your property is listed, there won’t be any embarrassing signs advertising it as a “short sale” or “foreclosure”. It will be disclosed to interested buyers, but to your neighbors and everyone else your property will look like a standard real estate transaction.
  • We can provide you with names and phone numbers of current and past clients that you can contact to hear firsthand the service we provide.
  • We have a large pool of buyers looking for properties throughout Massachuetts and may have one that is looking for a home just like yours.
  • Each family has unique circumstances and we will work with you to tailor a plan specific to your needs.

If You Are Considering a Short Sale Contact Us TODAY for Free, NO Obligation Consultation!

Nov 1, 2010

Foreclosure v. Short Sale - 9 Issues Answered

What You Need To Know To Make An Informed Decision

Below is a table to help break down the difference of how a foreclosure and short sale will affect you. Remember Knowledge is Power!

Issue #1 - Credit Score

A foreclosure will show up as a public record on your credit report, the same as a bankruptcy will show. The impact of a foreclosure can be anywhere from 200 to over 300 points. The foreclosure with typically will affect score for a minimum of 3 years and will report for 7 to 10 years. With a short sale, only late payments on mortgage will show on your credit report. Once the short sale is completed, it will be reported as settled for less than full amount due (or similar verbiage). Depending on the number of other trade lines you have, balances on credit card accounts and if everything else is kept current, the impact can be as little as 50 points. A short sales affect can be a brief as 12 to 18 months.

Successful Short Sale
Credit History Along with the late payments, the foreclosure will remain as a public record your credit history for 7 to 10 years. Only the late payments will be reported on your credit. The short sale will appear the same as a charge off on a credit card and will be reported as settled for less than full amount due (or similar verbiage).


Issue #2 - Future Home Purchase (Primary Residence - Fannie Mae Loan) (effective May 21, 2008)

Any individual that loses their property to foreclosure will not be eligible for a Fannie Mae backed mortgage for a period of 5 years. Any individual that successfully completes a short sale will be eligible for a Fannie Mae backed mortgage after only 2 years.

Successful Short Sale
Future Home Purchase (Non Primary Residence - Fannie Mae Loan) (effective May 21, 2008) Any investor that loses their property to foreclosure will not be eligible for a Fannie Mae backed mortgage for a period of 7 years. Any investor that successfully completes a short sale will be eligible for a Fannie Mae backed mortgage after only 2 years.

** NOTE – Fannie Mae is currently the largest insurer of residential mortgages with Freddie Mac as the second. Freddie Mac’s guidelines are typically the same as Fannie Mae.

Issue #3 - Future Loan with any Mortgage Company

On any future loan application that is completed, the prospective borrower will need to answer YES to question C in Section VIII of the standard 1003 that asks “Have you had property foreclosed upon or given title or deed in lieu thereof in the last 7 years?” this may affect future rates after the 5-7 waiting period.

Successful Short Sale
There currently are not any questions related to a short sale on the loan application.


Issue #4 - Deficiency Rights

In Massachusetts many loans give the lender the right to pursue the homeowner for a deficiency after the foreclosure has taken place. (each state’s laws are different)*

Successful Short Sale
During the short sale negotiations, in most cases we are able to have the lender agree in writing to release the homeowner from any future deficiency right after the close of escrow.*


Issue #5  - Amount of the Deficiency Judgment

In a foreclosure, the final sales price is lower than in a short sale and the fees involved for the bank are higher. If the lender does have deficiency rights, this can result in a higher amount that they will be able to pursue.*

Successful Short Sale
The sales price in a short sale is typically at market value or just bellow. In most cases, the amount of the right off is smaller than in a foreclosure, which would result in a smaller amount that the lender could pursue if a deficiency judgment was available. *

Issue #6 - Taxes


At the end of the year, the lender will send out a 1099-A for the amount that they have written off. The 1099-A will show that amount as income in which the home owner may or may not be responsible for paying. Insolvency may be an option to have the amount forgiven. *

Successful Short Sale

At the end of the year, the lender will send out a 1099-C for the amount that they have written off. The 1099-C will show that amount as income in which the home owner may or may not be responsible for paying. The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 protects many homeowners that have completed a short sale. If the homeowner does not qualify under the Mortgage Debt Relief act, insolvency may be the other option to have the amount forgiven. *

Issue #7 - Current Employment

Employers have the right to check the credit of all employees who are in sensitive positions. In some positions, a foreclosure may be grounds for reassignment or termination.

Successful Short SaleA short sale is not a public record and is reported separately on a credit report. The employer will only see late payments and an account that has been settled. This shows that you worked with the lender towards a resolution and typically looks much better to the employer.

Issue #8 - Future Employment

ForeclosureMost employers require a credit report and background check on all job applicants. A foreclosure may pose as one of the most significant hurdles when seeking employment.

Successful Short SaleA short sale is not a public record and is reported separately on a credit report. The employer will only see late payments and an account that has been settled. This shows that you worked with the lender towards a resolution and typically looks much better to the potential employer.

Issue #9 - Security Clearances

Foreclosure is the most challenging issue against a security clearance outside of a conviction of a serious misdemeanor or felony. If a client has a foreclosure and is a police officer, in the military, in the CIA, Security, or any other position that requires a security clearance in almost all cases clearance will be revoked and position will be terminated.

Successful Short Sale
A Short Sale on its own does not challenge most security clearances.

** We are not tax experts or attorneys. The information provided is for informational purposes ONLY. It will serve in a starting point to further investigate how a short sale or foreclosure may affect you. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you consult a CPA/tax advisor and/or and attorney regarding your specific situation BEFORE you consider a short sale, deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure or foreclosure. **

If You Are Considering a Short Sale Contact Us TODAY for Free, NO Obligation Consultation at

Oct 18, 2010

Q&A: Foreclosure Procedures Undergo Extensive Review

Great Q&A, in USA Today about the current foreclosure freeze!

Foreclosure procedures undergo extensive review
By Stephanie Armour, USA TODAY

Recent revelations about mortgage lenders filing possibly faulty court papers to foreclose on homes has sparked a public outcry and called into question tens of thousands of foreclosures. Here's a look at the issue and its impact.

Q: How did this come to light?

A: Lawyers for homeowners fighting foreclosures took depositions from officials who prepare legal documents to get court approval to foreclose. The document signers — who have now been dubbed robo-signers — said they signed thousands of affidavits without reviewing the supporting papers or having the affidavits signed in the presence of a notary. Both are supposed to be done before foreclosure papers are submitted to courts in about 23 states that require judicial approval for all or most foreclosures. Some lawyers allege there were instances of fraud, too, including backdated documents and forged signatures.
Q: What's happened so far?

A: Some major banks have suspended foreclosures while they review their procedures; others are proceeding while doing their reviews. Bank of America has suspended foreclosures in all 50 states. GMAC Mortgage has suspended evictions and foreclosures in the states that call for a judge's approval and is reviewing foreclosure practices in the others. PNC Financial Services and Litton Loan Services are reviewing their practices. JPMorgan Chase suspended foreclosures in 56,000 cases in the judicial approval states and is reviewing its practices in a handful of the other states.

Q: Who is investigating this and what could be the outcome?

A: State attorneys general have launched a joint investigation. The Justice Department is reviewing the matter. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which regulates the nation's largest banks, said Friday that it is examining banks' foreclosure procedures, and the Federal Housing Administration is conducting a review. The Senate Banking Committee has scheduled a Nov. 16 hearing.

Possible outcomes include civil penalties, criminal prosecutions, the creation of an independent monitor to oversee foreclosure practices and legal settlements under which lenders agree to do more to get struggling borrowers into mortgage workout plans to help them avoid foreclosure.

Q: What about a national moratorium on foreclosures?

A: Some members of Congress have called for one, but the Obama administration has rejected that idea out of concern that a blanket halt to all foreclosures could damage the fragile housing market's recovery and, with it, the economy.

Q: Why is this controversy important?

A: Lawyers and consumer advocates for homeowners say that if banks are found to have acted illegally, courts could see a wave of challenges in both current and past foreclosure cases.It could lead to title claims in courts, where former homeowners who lost their homes in foreclosure actions assert they still own them, even after the homes have been sold. Banks say that even if procedures were not followed correctly, there's no mistake that the homeowners are in default and that the banks have the right to foreclose.

Q: What impact could this have?

A: Foreclosures already take a year or more to complete in some states and could slow further as judges review documents more thoroughly and banks tighten procedures. That could keep some homeowners in their homes longer but might also postpone the sales of homes that have been abandoned or that banks have repossessed, keeping them vacant longer.

Delays could be costly for banks and taxpayers, because banks and government-owned mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae all must continue to pay maintenance and other expenses on foreclosed properties they can't sell. Freddie and Fannie own or guarantee more than half of all first mortgages.
Q: What could this mean for the housing market?

A: If foreclosures are delayed significantly, economists say the housing market recovery could suffer.

Significant delays in completing foreclosures could mean it will take longer for prices to recover, economists say. About 30% of all house sales now are foreclosures or other distressed properties that sell at substantially lower prices than homes whose owners aren't in financial difficulty. That pulls down market prices overall.
The longer home prices stay depressed, the longer millions of homeowners will be underwater, owing more on their mortgages than their homes are worth. About one in four properties are underwater, making it difficult for the owners to sell their properties or refinance their mortgages.
Q: Should I buy a foreclosed home?

A: Real estate experts say buyers shouldn't avoid foreclosures. But you may want to buy a title insurance policy to protect against a claim stemming from a previous foreclosure, says Guy Cecala of Inside Mortgage Finance.

Lenders generally require title insurance before they'll approve a mortgage.

Short sales — where lenders agree to let owners sell houses for less than they owe — should not be affected by the foreclosure controversy, says Rick Sharga of RealtyTrac.

Christopher Immel, a lawyer at Ice Legal, a Florida law firm that represents homeowners challenging foreclosures, says prospective buyers of foreclosed properties should examine court case files for missing documents and incorrect dates.

He recommends hiring an attorney to review the file.

Oct 15, 2010

Billion-Dollar Foreclosure Mess Took Root at $75K House - Developments - WSJ

"Lawyers around the country are now looking at this case as a model for further litigation," writes Mr. Streitfield."

Billion-Dollar Foreclosure Mess Took Root at $75K House - Developments - WSJ

How much will the foreclosure mess cost? Estimates are still forming, writes Mark Gongloff in Friday’s WSJ.

Some $154 billion in mortgages could be affected by foreclosure delays, according to an estimate this week by Laurie Goodman, senior managing director at mortgage-bond trader Amherst Securities Group LP in New York.

Morgan Stanley trading-desk analyst Greg Gore estimated in a conference call on Tuesday that as much as $134 billion of mortgage bonds held by the nation’s four biggest banks could ultimately be affected by foreclosure delays.

That’s a lot of money for a problem that the NY Times traces back to a $75,000 house in Denmark, Me. The article, by David Streitfield, looks at a home Nicolle Bradbury bought seven years ago; a tiny little house near the New Hampshire border.

A couple of years ago, Ms. Bradbury lost her job and could no longer make the $474 monthly payments. But her run-of-the-mill foreclosure became anything but when it landed in front of a lawyer at a nonproift group who had worked in the foreclosure industry for years–helping to foreclose on homes that small business owners had put up as collateral.

The lawyer, Thomas Cox, succeeded in getting the deposition of a GMAC ‘robo-signer’ who admitted that he didn’t read through the 400 foreclosures he signed each day.
Mr. Cox then laid out in a court filing what he’d heard from robo-signer Jeffrey Stephan:

When Stephan says in an affidavit that he has personal knowledge of the facts stated in his affidavits, he doesn’t. When he says that he has custody and control of the loan documents, he doesn’t. When he says that he is attaching ‘a true and accurate’ copy of a note or a mortgage, he has no idea if that is so, because he does not look at the exhibits. When he makes any other statement of fact, he has no idea if it is true. When the notary says that Stephan appeared before him or her, he didn’t.

The judge hearing Ms. Bradbury’s foreclosure case was persuaded. He rejected GMAC’s request for a foreclosure without trial. Even when given the chance to file amended documents, the judge noted, GMAC still didn’t even include the actual street address of the Maine house.

Lawyers around the country are now looking at this case as a model for further litigation, writes Mr. Streitfield.

Don Saunders of the National Legal Aid and Defender Association tells the New York Times: “This ammunition will be front and center in thousands of foreclosure cases.”

A $75K bullet to take down a billion-dollar industry?

Hold on to your seats! We are in for ONE long ride!

Oct 11, 2010

Mass. Homeowners Could get $50,000; Some Loans May Not Have To Be Repaid

Are you one of the countless people who have lost their jobs through no fault of your own and temporarily lack the steady income to pay your mortgage?

Well there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Read the Boston Globe article below for more information on this interest free loan from the US to help you keep current on your mortgage.

And REMEMBER we can help and get you all the information you need and see if you qualify.

Contact Us TODAY for a free private consultation

US offers mortgage aid to the jobless

Mass. homeowners could get $50,000; Some loans may not have to be repaid

By Jenifer B. McKim, Globe Staff
October 6, 2010

Unemployed homeowners may be able to borrow up to $50,000 to help them make monthly mortgage payments — and in some cases not have to pay the money back — under a federal program unveiled yesterday that allocates $61 million to Massachusetts.

The zero-interest loan program will benefit several thousand homeowners in the state who are facing foreclosure because they lost their jobs and have depleted their savings. Nationwide, about $1 billion is being allocated to assist 50,000 homeowners struggling to keep up with their mortgages, said Shaun Donovan, secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
“Countless people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own temporarily lack the steady income they need to pay their mortgage,’’ Donovan said during a news conference at Urban Edge Community Development Corp. in Roxbury. Nonprofit community groups such as Urban Edge will be involved in administering the program.

“We can fight foreclosures and unemployment and we can help our communities recover,’’ he said.

Long-term unemployment is now considered a primary reason for the escalating number of foreclosures in the United States.

The federal effort, called the Emergency Homeowner Loan Program, supplements a $7.6 billion campaign the US Treasury Department launched earlier this year to help out-of-work homeowners in 18 states, and the District of Columbia, that were hardest hit by the recession. The Treasury program also is aimed at homeowners whose mortgages are underwater, meaning they owe more than what their properties are worth.

The new HUD program announced yesterday expands assistance to the remaining 32 states, as well as Puerto Rico.

US Representative Barney Frank, who attended the news conference yesterday, said unemployed homeowners are innocent victims of the country’s foreclosure crisis.

Frank, a Newton Democrat, said he lobbied to get a $2 billion loan allotment for jobless homeowners included in the Dodd-Frank financial regulation overhaul Congress passed last summer, but the amount was later reduced to $1 billion. He said he hopes to increase funding for the program eventually.

“These are not people who made imprudent decisions,’’ Frank said. “These are people who made good mortgages. They made responsible decisions.’’

In some cases, the government loan could actually turn into a gift, officials said. Under the program, as much as $50,000 can be borrowed over two years, depending on the applicant’s qualifications. Borrowers who remain in their homes and stay current on mortgage payments for five years after that will not have to pay back all of the money; for those borrowers, the government will reduce their loan balance by 20 percent annually until it is eliminated, according to HUD.

The news of the mortgage-loan funding for Massachusetts was lauded by local housing advocates who have pressed the government to assist unemployed homeowners. The state’s unemployment rate is 8.8 percent, compared with 9.6 percent nationally.

During the first eight months of the year, 9,887 Massachusetts homeowners lost their properties to foreclosure, surpassing the 9,269 recorded during all of last year, according to Warren Group, a Boston company that tracks local real estate.

“These homeowners face unemployment largely due to the recession that was largely caused by speculation by big banks and Wall Street investment companies,’’ said Lew Finfer, executive director of the nonprofit Massachusetts Community Action Network. “Preventing foreclosures helps homeowners, helps lessen neighborhood deterioration and declining property values.’’

To qualify for a loan, borrowers must show their income is no higher than 120 percent of the Boston area’s median income, or $110,150 for a family of four. They are also required to provide documentation proving that their income has dropped at least 15 percent and that they are at least three months behind on mortgage payments.

Borrowers also must have a “reasonable likelihood of being able to resume’’ paying their mortgage after two years by proving they did not have a high amount of debt before they became unemployed.

Yesterday’s announcement was made as Massachusetts’ attorney general, Martha Coakley, urged four of the nation’s largest lenders — GMAC Mortgage, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America Corp.— to cease foreclosures in Massachusetts until they can prove that their paperwork is accurate. Last week, Bank of America became the latest national lender to say that it will temporarily halt foreclosure proceedings in 23 states that require a judge to sign off on bank seizures. Massachusetts does not require court approval for foreclosures.

At the Roxbury event, Donovan said federal regulators also want to make sure lenders are abiding by the laws governing foreclosures. “Nobody in this country should lose their house because of [a paperwork] error,’’ he said.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino of Boston, who also was at the news conference, said lenders need to work harder to help homeowners who are behind on mortgage payments.

“I believe they have an obligation to help the communities they are in,’’ Menino said. “That is not going on.’’
Jenifer B. McKim can be reached at

Oct 10, 2010

Coakley asks for foreclosure moratorium - The Boston Globe

Letter From SSHomeSolutions: 
Dear Homeowner in Foreclosure,

Please take a moment and read the "Coakley asks for foreclosure moratorium" article from The Boston Globe.

What does this mean for you?
How do you use this time to your advantage?
Remember it's only a temporary...

This means that you have a chance to start getting more information on your distressed situation without a looming auction date.

It also means you can start exploring your options to Avoid Foreclosure to make the best decision for you and your family!

Remember, this is a temporary moratorium and your foreclosure will resume. But our hope is that the bank is willing to work with you in a more fair and timely manner. And our other hope is that we can help you be prepared.

So, Contact Us for a free, private, NO obligation consultation!


Marina P. Hauser, Owner
South Shore Home Solutions, LLC

AG asks for halt to foreclosures
Coakley wants banks to prove they comply

By Megan Woolhouse
Globe Staff / October 6, 2010 .

Attorney General Martha Coakley called for a moratorium on Massachusetts home foreclosures yesterday in a letter to four major lenders, saying she wanted proof that each is properly reviewing homeowner foreclosure documentation as required under state law.

Coakley said she wanted Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Wells Fargo, and GMAC Mortgage, a part of Ally Financial, to suspend foreclosures and sales of foreclosed properties after revelations that some lenders had signed off on foreclosures for thousands of homeowners in other states without reading or verifying the documents, a process nicknamed “robo-signing.’’

“If they’re not complying with the law, it doesn’t give consumers enough time or opportunity to modify the loan or do anything short of foreclosure,’’ Coakley said in an interview. “If that’s what’s happening, it’s pretty outrageous.’’

Officials at Wells Fargo and Bank of America did not return calls yesterday. A spokesman at JPMorgan Chase declined to comment. GMAC/Ally declined to comment on Massachusetts specifics.

“As we have previously stated, we are confident that the processing errors did not result in any inappropriate foreclosures,’’ Jim Olecki, GMAC/Ally spokesman, wrote in an e-mail. He said the company “takes this matter very seriously and are acting with urgency to resolve the issue.’’

Several large banks have halted foreclosures in 23 states that require judicial review of foreclosures, after evidence surfaced last week that employees were signing and notarizing foreclosure documents without reading or reviewing them. The banks, however, did not halt foreclosures in states that do not require judicial review, drawing the ire of public officials in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

In one of the strongest pushes so far for federal intervention into the problem, more than 30 House members from California have called on federal regulators to investigate whether mortgage companies broke the law by using paperwork that may have contained errors. Led by Representative Zoe Lofgren and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the lawmakers have urged bank regulators and the Justice Department to initiate a probe into how borrowers’ requests for assistance have been handled.

Senator Robert Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, has also asked more than 100 mortgage companies to determine whether foreclosure documents they approved contained errors and to reveal their findings. Attorneys general in Delaware and Texas called on lenders to suspend foreclosures until banks can ensure they have followed proper procedures. Last week, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut asked a state court to freeze all home foreclosures for 60 days.

Menendez and Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota have also asked Congress’s investigative arm, the Government Accountability Office, to examine whether federal regulators overlooked the problems.

In Massachusetts alone, there were 2,713 foreclosure petitions in August, a 13.2 percent increase from August 2009, according to Warren Group, a real estate tracking firm in Boston.

Coakley has asked the banks to respond by Oct. 15.

Lewis Finfer, executive director of the Massachusetts Communities Action Network, a housing advocacy group in Boston, said he applauded Coakley’s leadership, because it could help struggling homeowners.

The banks’ actions “were instrumental in the foreclosure crisis and their hands have not been clean in this,’’ he said. “This is very serious. These are people’s homes at stake.’’

Oct 8, 2010

UPDATE 1- BofA Halts Foreclosures

Fri Oct 8, 2010 11:39am EDT

* Sales of foreclosed properties also halted
* Bank conducting review of foreclosure process

CHARLOTTE, N.C. Oct 8 (Reuters) - Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) is halting foreclosures and sales of foreclosed properties in all 50 U.S. states pending a review of its internal processes, the bank said on Friday.

BofA, the largest U.S. mortgage servicer, is the first U.S. bank to suspend foreclosures in all 50 states. The step comes amid a growing furor over how the largest U.S. mortgage lenders are repossessing the homes of delinquent borrowers.

Critics contend the banks' use of "robo-signers" and other automated processes is unfairly pushing residents out of their homes.

A spokesman for Charlotte, North Carolina-based BofA defended the bank's previous foreclosures.

"We will stop foreclosure sales until our assessment has been satisfactorily completed," the spokesman, Dan Frahm, said in a statement. "Our ongoing assessment shows the basis for our past foreclosure decisions is accurate."

Last week, BofA, JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) and Ally Financial Inc's GMAC Mortgage announced plans to suspend foreclosures in 23 states pending a review of foreclosure procedures. (Reporting by Joe Rauch; editing by John Wallace)

Oct 7, 2010

Massachusetts Law About Tenants in Foreclosed Buildings

Thinking about purchasing a foreclosed home/building with a tenant in it?

Well, guess what? As of August 07, 2010 they are considered to be tenants at will and protected by the government! Check it out:

"Section 13A. Upon a foreclosure of residential real property pursuant to chapter 244, a tenant, occupying a dwelling unit under an unexpired term for years or a lease for a definite term in effect at the time of the foreclosure by sale, shall be deemed a tenant at will. Foreclosure shall not affect the tenancy agreement of a tenant whose rental payment is subsidized under state or federal law."

Knowledge is Power!

Read all about Massachusetts Law About Tenants in Foreclosed Buildings

Oct 4, 2010

Massachusetts Foreclosure Laws

Behind On Your Mortgage Payments?
Facing Foreclosure?

Knowledge is power, so make sure to read the Foreclosure Laws in Massachusetts and always rememeber that YES, YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS! And YES, all consultations are completely confidential and absolutely free.

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We Can Work with Your Lender to Create a "Short Sale"
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•Live in your house while we work with the lender!
•No eviction!
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•Get help with relocation.
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•Focus on the future on go on with your life.

We Can Negotiate Debt with Existing Creditors
•Eliminate existing debt so you can relax.
•Negotiate mortgage debt even if you have no equity.
•Avoid bankruptcy

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Bank of America Stalls Foreclosure Process -

Bank of America Stalls Foreclosure Process -

In a bid to unload foreclosures, Fannie Mae showers thousands on buyers, brokers - Boston Real Estate -

In a bid to unload foreclosures, Fannie Mae showers thousands on buyers, brokers - Boston Real Estate -

May 17, 2010

Short Sale Testimonial

I just recieved a nice tesimonial from a young couple I helped sell their house as a short sale! Unlike most of my clients, they came to me for help before they missed a mortgage payment! I wish all of my clients were this easy to work with.

"Hi Marina,

We just wanted you to know what a great experience we had working with you. From start to finish you were on top of the details that needed to be addressed. We are amazed at how quickly the process was as we had our house on the market for two years. In three months you had us signing closing papers on our house. We would recommend you to anyone we know that is trying to sell their house."

Thank you,

Charles & Christina

NO, thank you for using South Shore Home Solutions!

May 15, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - OPEN HOUSE!

We had our first Open House today! THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to support this project and all of our hard work! THANK YOU!

I knew it was going to be a good day because when I walked into the property this morning, I found the President of MKE Development Corp, Kathy, exhausted from pulling an all nighter making sure the house was perfect for all of our prospective buyers.... Now that is what I call DEDICATED! I took a picture when she was not looking :) haha

Below are some photos of our finished project!
EXTERIOR - Front and Back - Vinyl siding, new roof, big patio and deck for entertaining. HUGE back yard and a driveway that fits 5 cars.

LIVING ROOM - Desirable open layout looking into kitchen and dining room.

DINING ROOM - Beautiful natural sun light brightens this room from four Harvey Energy Star windows.
HALF BATH - 1st floor. This bath also includes a linen closet and stackable washer/dryer hookup for comfortable first floor laundry. This bathroom is also double insulated so the machine noise will be muted from the rest of the house.
FULL BATH - 2nd Floor. Features include ceramic tile, energy efficient toilet...
High end Kohler bath.... 
Granite Counter tops, and cherry vanity.
Master Bedroom - Features include wall to wall carpet, master bath, and walk-in closet. Ooolala!
There will be a special before and after blog for this 35 Cherry Street Project and MANY MANY MORE pictures!
In the meantime, cross your fingers for a good and quick offer!

May 7, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Kitchen

Just giving you a little sneak peak of the kitchen at 35 Cherry Street before we list it this week! Features include:

Beautiful Butterfly Beige Granite and an eat-in granite island.
Modern light fixtures with energy efficient light bulbs.
High End European Vent Hood  and Maple kitchen cabinets in Mocha.
Frigidaire Professional Series side by side Refrigerator / Freezer and spacious pantry.
LG - 19" LCD TV in Kitchen above fridge

BEFORE - MARCH 20, 2010

AFTER - MAY 3, 2010

Final thing is redoing the front porch and the building inspector checking off on it and we are DONE. 

OPEN HOUSE scheduled for May 15th!

Apr 29, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Painting & Floors

By the end of TODAY we will have gleaming sustainable Bamboo hardwood floors in 35 Cherry Street!

Bamboo Flooring Benefits?

"Bamboo flooring has several unique qualities that set it apart from other flooring options and materials. Foremost quality of bamboo flooring material is that it has exceptional pliability that allows it to sustain blunt impacts without denting or bending. This good quality and benefit of bamboo flooring makes it surpass most hardwood materials. In addition to its superior elasticity, bamboo is also surprisingly hard. It has a Janka hardness rating of about 1800, which is considerably harder than that of white oak with hardness rating1360 and hard maple with hardness rating 1450"

Also note that we are done painting. We chose Navaho white, something neutral so that the buyer can choose whatever colors they prefer or just stick with this nice neutral off white choice. Trim will be a bright white and is going in on Sunday.

Laying out the bamboo floor for the front entrance of the property.
Crew working hard to get the floor installed today.

View from living room as you come in from front door.
We chose to use a white-on-white color scheme because we know that each buyer has their own preference when it comes to color. So we thought keep it neutral and the buyer can do whatever they want.

This is the entrance down to the basement. The plaster workers did a phenomenal job making this look classy. If you also notice that the wall goes all the way down to the floor. You do not usually see that in basements.

This weekend will be another mind blowing couple of days of completing projects, which include; front porch, kitchen cabinets and trim! MKE Development is wrapping up this project NEXT WEEK!

And I could not be happier to begin marketing this property FOR SALE.

Apr 25, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - 2 Weeks Until We Put On Market!

We are only two weeks away from posting 35 Cherry Street, in Plymouth on the MLS for sale. In the meantime, if you know anyone who wants a brand new house in Plymouth, MA please call me at (781) 738-0048.
One of the best features about this property is the huge lot. A big lot in this neighborhood is rare and is a nice selling point that brings a lot of value to this home.
This is the view of the property from the very back of the lot.  We will be doing a lot of landscaping the next week including turning the soil over and planting fresh grass seeds.
This is some landscaping we have already done to give the property some curb appeal.
This is the view of the dining room (right) and kitchen (left) coming in from the front door. This property offers a big open layout.
The kitchen will offer granite counter tops, custom cabinets, a Fridgidaire professional refrigerator/freezer, LCD TV above fridge, HUGE pantry and much much more!
This view of the living room is from the dining room.
This week MKE Development Corp will be painting and installing hardwood floors.  Stay tuned!

Apr 23, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Blueboard, Plaster, Patio & Landscaping

Hi Friends, I don't know if you will be able to handle today's progress with the 35 Cherry Street Project.... well here goes... brace yourselves.

Blueboards - went up yesterday and were done this morning.

Kitchen Blueboarded
And yes that amazing big hole in the wall is for a Fridgidaire Freezer/Refrigerator (Check it out on MKE Development Page)!

Dining Room Blueboarded
Living Room Blueboarded
1/2 Bath Blueboarded. Nice linen closet right?
Now for the plaster...
Dining Room
Bedroom #2
We are NOT done yet..... We also finished the back patio!
Joe managing the pouring of the concrete for the side door walkway
ooolala what a nice smooth and shiny walkway
Finishing up the back patio... you never would have known there were rabbit cages back here a month a half ago! Oh and hubby is in the green. Doesn't he look cute?
TADA! concrete smoothed out and drying
WAIT...We are STILL not done! We got landscaping done too!
 I warned you that this might be too much for you to handle!

We ripped out an old fence and replaced it with pretty little trees in a line.
I know, I can't believe it either! Next week we will be painting the interior and installing hardwood floors.

Kudos to Mike, Kathy & Joe on the MKE Development Corp Team! Well done today managing the projects and getting things done!

Another kudos to my wonderful husband, James whose help has been invaluable - xo to him!