Mar 31, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Day 11

Day 11 Progress:

Framing continued and the crew got pretty far today.

1st floor was leveled (with in reason) as best as they could without ripping it off completely.  2nd floor floor-joists are installed.

more than 1/2 of the sub floor on the 1st floor is in.

Porch roof is finished up and looks spectacular!

Hope you are enjoying this rehab journey! So, far we are ON TIME and ON BUDGET!

Happy Investing!

Marina P. Hauser

35 Cherry Street Project - Day 10

Day 10 Progress:

Due to the weather the exterior work had to be put on hold! But the exterior work is coming out beautifully. I cannot wait for the shutters to go on and the sun to be shining on this beautiful house!

Mar 29, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project Before & After (Back of House)

What a wonderful productive week 1 of this project!  Can you guess what is missing!?

Day 1.......

Day 4.......

Day 7! We are on a roll!

Mar 27, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Day 6&7

Day 6 & 7 Progress:
While I am busy working in Florida, the MKE Development Corp crew is doing amazing!!!

Check out the siding that is complete on two sides.

All windows and doors are in with the exception of the front door. Our baby is growing up so fast....


House is completely gutted and interior of roof is reframed where there was fire damage. 

Tomorrow we will be finishing up the windows, doors, porch and siding. Cannot wait!

Enjoy this rehab journey!

Marina P. Hauser

35 Cherry Street Project - Day 5

Day 5 Progress:

We have a roof!!! despite the high winds, rain, sleet and snow the guys were able to not only strip the roof but install a new one. Mike from MG Construction played traffic cop for a few hours as the shingles from the roof were being blown all over the place so traffic came to a halt during that time. Runnaway shingles were flying and landing in the middle of the street. It was rather humorous seeing all the guys running after flying shingles.

A minor problem appeared as South Shore Drain came by today and said that there may be a pipe crushed underground. he went through with a camera and then found blockage at 8-9 feet in. Not sure if it's under the house or just in the yard on the way to the street. We most likely will have to dig up the yard, repair it and move on.

We also have a new electrician that came by today. Michael from MKE Development Corp met with him in the am. he will come by on Monday to pull the service to the house.

35 Cherry Street Project - Day 4

Day 4 Progress

Siding is 80% stripped off . There was a lot of soffit work that had to be done.

Front Of House

Front Right Side of House

Back of House. We tore down addition that fire started in and we could not salvage.
Bye Bye illegal addition that we dont need!
Inspector Paolo taking a peak at the project. I <3 him!

Windows are reframed with the exception of 3. The hard part of re- framing is trying to keep the house from falling down. Porch roof is structurally repaired. Roof sheathing was installed on the burned portion of the roof.
Living Room.


Living room looking into dining room. This space will all be open.

2nd Floor.

Can you even believe the transformation!?? Check out more of these Day 4 pictures of the 35 Cherry Street Project!

Enjoy this rehab journey!

35 Cherry Street Project - Day 3

RAIN, RAIN & MORE RAIN! Thankfully the exterior demo and cleanup finished on day 2 because the only thing left for MKE Development Corp to do today was interior demo.

Day 3 Progress
Goal: Bust some walls up!

On Site:
Demolition of 2nd floor began and finished but not without more surprises. As the demo crew began tearing down the 2nd floor and the attic a bunch of debris fell down from the attic. Turns out the attic was full of more junk (we thought the chicken coup outside was bad!). Our crew took out bags upon bags filled with personal junk and filled 1/2 a dumpster with it. even the crew was shocked at how much more additional junk there was in this house. Tomorrow we will have dumpster 5&6 dropped off at the site and dumpster's 3&4 will be hauled away max'd out.

Well, the rain kept coming down but it was actually a blessing in disguise as it will wash away the nasty smells from the back yard where rabbits and chickens called home for years.

The yard is 99.9% cleaned out with the exception of the block walls which we'll need James to help with.

Jeff  our Landscaper, is on the schedule to come by the weekend after Easter (4/10 & 4/11) to till the yard, trim bushes and blow off any remaining leaves from the fall.

Permit Status:

Building inspector called. he needs a bit more information on South Shore Home Solutions, LLC Deed, affidavit for hurricanes and the framing plan. We will be dropping all of that off first thing in the am. We were advised that the affidavit that needs to be signed is for providing the homeowner with plywood in the size of each window in the home that will be predrilled, labeled and stored on the property in case of a hurricane.

Special Shoutout:
Kudos to Mike Galvin, owner of MG Contrustion who is the leading the demo team ands keeping this project on track and on time! Good job Guys, keep up the great work!

Enjoy the rehab journey!

Marina Hauser

Mar 22, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Day 2

Another great day for the 35 Cherry Street, Plymouth MA Project... even the rain could not stop MKE Development Corp!

Day 2 Progress:
Goal: Secure Permits & More Cleanup!

On Site:

Yard clean up continued despite the rain storm. We filled 2 more dumpsters with yard debris

Pulled permits for gut/rehab & Roof/Siding/Gutters/Doors/Windows

More metal debris taken away

Could there be anymore chick coups, rabbit cages and sheds with fish in them to knock down??

Permit Status:

Permit for Roof/Siding/Gutters/Doors/Windows has been posted on the door.

Permit for Gut/Rehab will be mailed to us and we'll post when it arrives.

Orders Placed:

Roofing materials ordered and will be delivered on site on Wednesday morning.

Framing material order placed. we're going to put it through the bid room to get a better price on materials. We'll know more tomorrow. Framing materials to be delivered on Thursday.

By the end of the week we will have a brand new house!

More pics from today:

Enjoy the rehab journey!

Marina P. Hauser

Mar 21, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Day 1

South Shore Home Solutions, LLC began the 35 Cherry Street Project on this beautiful New England Day, just miles from the Plymouth Rock were the pilgrims landed in America.  Leading the construction team were Presidents of MKE Development Corp., Mike & Kathy Egasti.


Day 1 Progress:
Goal: Clean this baby from the inside out!

Demo crew arrived and have finished cleaning out the entire house including the basement.

Demo crew is 80% finished with cleaning out all the junk and debris from the yard. They will be returning on Monday to clean out the remaining yard and then returning on Tuesday or Wednesday to demo the interior of the house.

All metals/radiators/pipes/metal debris were taken away today. (Look on the right side of pic).  There were five refrigerators, 3 freezers, 2 sets of washer dryers, 5 tv's etc...

Oil tank was taken away for free today (by qualified & fully insured person)

Landscaper came by and took down all the dead trees, brush & helped with taking down the brick wall at front of the house. We have transplanted the brush and landscaping that is salvageable and are storing it at the side of the property so it can be transplanted once we're done with the demo. Also all overgrown grass / weeds / vines were cleared out.

Brick wall came down and is piled up neatly where it will be needed (to be used as fill for the patio and front porch).  I am married to that handsome stud knocking that wall down :)

Caution tape / fence has gone up around the exposed areas of the property.

Enjoy this rehab journey!