Mar 21, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Day 1

South Shore Home Solutions, LLC began the 35 Cherry Street Project on this beautiful New England Day, just miles from the Plymouth Rock were the pilgrims landed in America.  Leading the construction team were Presidents of MKE Development Corp., Mike & Kathy Egasti.


Day 1 Progress:
Goal: Clean this baby from the inside out!

Demo crew arrived and have finished cleaning out the entire house including the basement.

Demo crew is 80% finished with cleaning out all the junk and debris from the yard. They will be returning on Monday to clean out the remaining yard and then returning on Tuesday or Wednesday to demo the interior of the house.

All metals/radiators/pipes/metal debris were taken away today. (Look on the right side of pic).  There were five refrigerators, 3 freezers, 2 sets of washer dryers, 5 tv's etc...

Oil tank was taken away for free today (by qualified & fully insured person)

Landscaper came by and took down all the dead trees, brush & helped with taking down the brick wall at front of the house. We have transplanted the brush and landscaping that is salvageable and are storing it at the side of the property so it can be transplanted once we're done with the demo. Also all overgrown grass / weeds / vines were cleared out.

Brick wall came down and is piled up neatly where it will be needed (to be used as fill for the patio and front porch).  I am married to that handsome stud knocking that wall down :)

Caution tape / fence has gone up around the exposed areas of the property.

Enjoy this rehab journey!

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