Mar 27, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Day 3

RAIN, RAIN & MORE RAIN! Thankfully the exterior demo and cleanup finished on day 2 because the only thing left for MKE Development Corp to do today was interior demo.

Day 3 Progress
Goal: Bust some walls up!

On Site:
Demolition of 2nd floor began and finished but not without more surprises. As the demo crew began tearing down the 2nd floor and the attic a bunch of debris fell down from the attic. Turns out the attic was full of more junk (we thought the chicken coup outside was bad!). Our crew took out bags upon bags filled with personal junk and filled 1/2 a dumpster with it. even the crew was shocked at how much more additional junk there was in this house. Tomorrow we will have dumpster 5&6 dropped off at the site and dumpster's 3&4 will be hauled away max'd out.

Well, the rain kept coming down but it was actually a blessing in disguise as it will wash away the nasty smells from the back yard where rabbits and chickens called home for years.

The yard is 99.9% cleaned out with the exception of the block walls which we'll need James to help with.

Jeff  our Landscaper, is on the schedule to come by the weekend after Easter (4/10 & 4/11) to till the yard, trim bushes and blow off any remaining leaves from the fall.

Permit Status:

Building inspector called. he needs a bit more information on South Shore Home Solutions, LLC Deed, affidavit for hurricanes and the framing plan. We will be dropping all of that off first thing in the am. We were advised that the affidavit that needs to be signed is for providing the homeowner with plywood in the size of each window in the home that will be predrilled, labeled and stored on the property in case of a hurricane.

Special Shoutout:
Kudos to Mike Galvin, owner of MG Contrustion who is the leading the demo team ands keeping this project on track and on time! Good job Guys, keep up the great work!

Enjoy the rehab journey!

Marina Hauser

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