Mar 27, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Day 5

Day 5 Progress:

We have a roof!!! despite the high winds, rain, sleet and snow the guys were able to not only strip the roof but install a new one. Mike from MG Construction played traffic cop for a few hours as the shingles from the roof were being blown all over the place so traffic came to a halt during that time. Runnaway shingles were flying and landing in the middle of the street. It was rather humorous seeing all the guys running after flying shingles.

A minor problem appeared as South Shore Drain came by today and said that there may be a pipe crushed underground. he went through with a camera and then found blockage at 8-9 feet in. Not sure if it's under the house or just in the yard on the way to the street. We most likely will have to dig up the yard, repair it and move on.

We also have a new electrician that came by today. Michael from MKE Development Corp met with him in the am. he will come by on Monday to pull the service to the house.

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