Apr 29, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Painting & Floors

By the end of TODAY we will have gleaming sustainable Bamboo hardwood floors in 35 Cherry Street!

Bamboo Flooring Benefits?

"Bamboo flooring has several unique qualities that set it apart from other flooring options and materials. Foremost quality of bamboo flooring material is that it has exceptional pliability that allows it to sustain blunt impacts without denting or bending. This good quality and benefit of bamboo flooring makes it surpass most hardwood materials. In addition to its superior elasticity, bamboo is also surprisingly hard. It has a Janka hardness rating of about 1800, which is considerably harder than that of white oak with hardness rating1360 and hard maple with hardness rating 1450"

Also note that we are done painting. We chose Navaho white, something neutral so that the buyer can choose whatever colors they prefer or just stick with this nice neutral off white choice. Trim will be a bright white and is going in on Sunday.

Laying out the bamboo floor for the front entrance of the property.
Crew working hard to get the floor installed today.

View from living room as you come in from front door.
We chose to use a white-on-white color scheme because we know that each buyer has their own preference when it comes to color. So we thought keep it neutral and the buyer can do whatever they want.

This is the entrance down to the basement. The plaster workers did a phenomenal job making this look classy. If you also notice that the wall goes all the way down to the floor. You do not usually see that in basements.

This weekend will be another mind blowing couple of days of completing projects, which include; front porch, kitchen cabinets and trim! MKE Development is wrapping up this project NEXT WEEK!

And I could not be happier to begin marketing this property FOR SALE.

Apr 25, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - 2 Weeks Until We Put On Market!

We are only two weeks away from posting 35 Cherry Street, in Plymouth on the MLS for sale. In the meantime, if you know anyone who wants a brand new house in Plymouth, MA please call me at (781) 738-0048.
One of the best features about this property is the huge lot. A big lot in this neighborhood is rare and is a nice selling point that brings a lot of value to this home.
This is the view of the property from the very back of the lot.  We will be doing a lot of landscaping the next week including turning the soil over and planting fresh grass seeds.
This is some landscaping we have already done to give the property some curb appeal.
This is the view of the dining room (right) and kitchen (left) coming in from the front door. This property offers a big open layout.
The kitchen will offer granite counter tops, custom cabinets, a Fridgidaire professional refrigerator/freezer, LCD TV above fridge, HUGE pantry and much much more!
This view of the living room is from the dining room.
This week MKE Development Corp will be painting and installing hardwood floors.  Stay tuned!

Apr 23, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Blueboard, Plaster, Patio & Landscaping

Hi Friends, I don't know if you will be able to handle today's progress with the 35 Cherry Street Project.... well here goes... brace yourselves.

Blueboards - went up yesterday and were done this morning.

Kitchen Blueboarded
And yes that amazing big hole in the wall is for a Fridgidaire Freezer/Refrigerator (Check it out on MKE Development Page)!

Dining Room Blueboarded
Living Room Blueboarded
1/2 Bath Blueboarded. Nice linen closet right?
Now for the plaster...
Dining Room
Bedroom #2
We are NOT done yet..... We also finished the back patio!
Joe managing the pouring of the concrete for the side door walkway
ooolala what a nice smooth and shiny walkway
Finishing up the back patio... you never would have known there were rabbit cages back here a month a half ago! Oh and hubby is in the green. Doesn't he look cute?
TADA! concrete smoothed out and drying
WAIT...We are STILL not done! We got landscaping done too!
 I warned you that this might be too much for you to handle!

We ripped out an old fence and replaced it with pretty little trees in a line.
I know, I can't believe it either! Next week we will be painting the interior and installing hardwood floors.

Kudos to Mike, Kathy & Joe on the MKE Development Corp Team! Well done today managing the projects and getting things done!

Another kudos to my wonderful husband, James whose help has been invaluable - xo to him!


35 Cherry Street Project - I got mail!

Hi Friends!

Good news.... I got my first mail at 35 Cherry Street yesterday!

NSTAR installed the new electric meter. WHAT a beauty!

NSTAR Gas finished installing the new gas main.

MKE Development Corp is the best most efficient construction team I have ever worked with! If you need any work done to your house contact them at 508-212-7993 or http://www.mkecompanies.com/MKEDevelopment.html! They are the BEST...as you can see!

Apr 21, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - It's Been a Month Already?

Rough inspections were last week... want to know how South Shore Home Solutions did?? Read below!

Electric Inspection: PASSED

Plumbing Inspection: PASSED

HVAC Inspections: PASSED

Insulation Inspection: PASSED

5 Star ENERGY Rating............................ PASSED!

We are AWESOME! You are going to want to stick with us this week because we are closing these walls up, installing the hardwood floors and finishing the back deck!

Apr 16, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Fire Smell Clean Up

While I was away managing the Rehab Bootcamp in Jacksonville, FL the MKE Development crew was hard at work at the 35 Cherry Street Project!

One of the major work that was completed was getting the fire smell out of the house before we close up the walls! We used ServPro; fire and water clean up and restoration:

More details about electric, plumbing and HVAC coming later today!