Apr 23, 2010

35 Cherry Street Project - Blueboard, Plaster, Patio & Landscaping

Hi Friends, I don't know if you will be able to handle today's progress with the 35 Cherry Street Project.... well here goes... brace yourselves.

Blueboards - went up yesterday and were done this morning.

Kitchen Blueboarded
And yes that amazing big hole in the wall is for a Fridgidaire Freezer/Refrigerator (Check it out on MKE Development Page)!

Dining Room Blueboarded
Living Room Blueboarded
1/2 Bath Blueboarded. Nice linen closet right?
Now for the plaster...
Dining Room
Bedroom #2
We are NOT done yet..... We also finished the back patio!
Joe managing the pouring of the concrete for the side door walkway
ooolala what a nice smooth and shiny walkway
Finishing up the back patio... you never would have known there were rabbit cages back here a month a half ago! Oh and hubby is in the green. Doesn't he look cute?
TADA! concrete smoothed out and drying
WAIT...We are STILL not done! We got landscaping done too!
 I warned you that this might be too much for you to handle!

We ripped out an old fence and replaced it with pretty little trees in a line.
I know, I can't believe it either! Next week we will be painting the interior and installing hardwood floors.

Kudos to Mike, Kathy & Joe on the MKE Development Corp Team! Well done today managing the projects and getting things done!

Another kudos to my wonderful husband, James whose help has been invaluable - xo to him!



  1. Wow Marina. two blogs in one day. We're thrilled that we impressed you. ohh and the hubby has truly been invaluable these past few weeks. Good choice!

    Stay tuned there's more...

  2. Hey M!!!! Everything looks fantastic!!! I can't believe how quickly it's progressing! Can't wait to see the finished product in person!!